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Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene Habits During Pregnancy

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene Habits During Pregnancy

Oral health is essential for maintaining overall health. It is also very important during prenatal (pregnancy) care. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy increases acid content in the mouth and decreases pH value thereby causing oral issues. Pregnant women as well as the fetus is exposed to health risks due to poor oral hygiene. Bad oral health during pregnancy can cause premature delivery, low birth weight baby, preeclampsia and gum diseases.

Oral health of the Mom To Be affects the baby too

As a mom, you pass on many things to your child; habits, looks, behavior and more. But do you know that you can also pass germs to your child. If mother has cavities during pregnancy, chances are, babies are three times more likely to have cavities as a child (Source: One way to prevent cavities in young children is to ensure good oral hygiene in pregnant women. So, being proactive is more important during pregnancy and special attention is required towards oral care.

Practice good oral hygiene and brush, floss and rinse regularly. Rinse every night with an alcohol-free mouthwash. Chewing sugar free gums may help with the mouth’s pH balance. If nausea persists rinse the mouth well and drink plenty of water to stop acid from attacking the mouth.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet that supports oral health

Choose nutritional foods like fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products like cereals and dairy products like cheese, unsweetened yogurt and milk. Fish, milk, eggs and nuts also make good choices. Reduce intake of foods high in sugar like candies, cookies, cake dried fruits etc. For snacking choose low sugar items like fruits, unsweetened yogurt etc. If you have nausea problems, eat small quantities of food throughout the day. Drink water instead of flavoured drinks.


A proper and regular oral hygiene routine is essential during pregnancy for both Mom To Be and the baby. And more important is to choose the right oral care products. Conditions such as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy increases acid content in the mouth and decrease in pH value thereby causing oral issues. So, specialized oral care products are required during pregnancy which will protect as well as augment oral health. Avoiding harmful chemicals is important for mother & baby, so choose your products carefully. Check out the ingredients before buying the products.

Dente91 She Toothpaste is the first-of-its-kind toothpaste in India specially created to augment oral health of women. The toothpaste offers the powerful benefits of two unique ingredients; Nano Hydroxyapatite and Lactoferrin which help to reduce hypersensitivity, plaque and repair cavities. The toothpaste contains Folic acid (Vitamin B9), Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and Vitamin D3 which help in supporting women’s oral health during pregnancy. It is also free from SLS, Fluoride, Paraben, Gluten, Peroxide and Triclosan making it pregnancy safe and safe for the fetus.

A mouthwash is safe to use during pregnancy and can be an effective way to keep up with your oral hygiene. Mouthwash also helps in reducing dental caries and tooth decay while also promoting fresh breath. Try Dente91 Mouthwash with the power of Lactoferrin. Created with powerful ingredients, the mouthwash helps in fighting gingivitis and periodontitis a condition that leads to inflammation of the gums. Dente91 Mouthwash contains Lactoferrin and is multi-functional with Antibacterial, and Antifungal properties.  Antibacterial properties of Lactoferrin removes bacteria from the plaque biofilm and its Antifungal abilities help to stave off fungal infections.

Pregnancy comes with many responsibilities and taking care of your oral health is no exception.  Expecting mothers who brush their teeth and follow a regular oral hygiene routine can reduce the risk of oral issues for themselves and also reduce the risk of infections for their new born baby.