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Behavioral evolution!

Magic of Lactoferrin


You Know ?

Most oral health conditions are largely preventable by adopting Lifestyle and BehaviORAL approaches. For instance, the healthy human saliva itself contains essential substances important for immune regulation, lubrication and maintenance of the oral flora or symbiosis.

But this news comes with its own Terms & Condition i.e. We need to ensure that we maintain the good bacteria while destroying the bad bacteria. But how do we do that ?

We finally have a Solution!!



Who is this Evolutionary Magician?

Lactoferrin, is a lesser known endogenous protein with heroic properties.

Power behind the Evolutionary Magic

This multifunctional protein has enchanted properties like antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory.

Lactoferrin Facts

Other than colostrum, human body doesn’t get access to such a rich source of Lactoferrin which is one of the primary contributors to immunity and it depletes from the body with ageing and due to diseases.