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Why Should You Start Your Mornings With Coffee?

Why Should You Start Your Mornings With Coffee?

For many of us, coffee is more than just a beverage to start the day. It’s a lifestyle. Having a good cup of coffee gives the pleasure of listening to your favourite music and together; they make an excellent pairing. Both access the pleasure and reward centre of our brains, motivating the release of dopamine.

Aroma, Taste and Flavour

When it comes to coffee, the aroma is as essential a part of its rich experience as the taste. Aroma is sensed through the nose and is more linked with memories and emotions. Coffee beans contains more than 800 aromatic compounds.  The flowery, nutty, smoky and herby aroma of coffee wakes you up and increases your energy levels throughout the day. Scientists guess dog’s sense of aroma is 10,000 times acute than ours. Just imagine how your pet would feel by getting a whiff of your Arabica coffee.  Coffee aroma is said to enhance mood, stimulate memory recall and support learning speed. It also ensures your mind remains sharp right from the start of the day.

The art of tasting coffee! Taste is the sense experienced by tongue and there is something mystical about tasting coffee, an aura justified by the refined skill they show and experiencing the multiple perceptions that reaches the taste buds.

Ever thought of finding the flavour hiding in your coffee cup? Flavour is a term encompassing both aroma and taste. Coffee flavour notes encompasses the complete experience of a mixture of sensory signals analyzed by our olfactory receptors while also sensed from the taste buds in our mouths.

Coffee impacts the overall sensory experience and no wonder a cup of coffee is perfect to fall in love with. What if we say that you can incorporate your love for coffee into your toothpaste also?

Awaken your senses with the power of Coffee & Mint

If you are a coffee obsessed person, and love concocting on those fancy lattes, then Dente91 Coffee Flavoured Toothpaste is a must try! The toothpaste is created with the refreshing aroma and taste of coffee to tantalize your taste buds while giving your boring daily morning brushing routine an exciting boost.

Power through your day with Dente91 Coffee Flavoured Toothpaste created for the first time in India with the combination of two unique and powerful ingredients Nano Hydroxyapatite and Lactoferrin. Nano Hydroxyapatite in Dente91 Toothpaste helps to effectively remineralize teeth and reduce hypersensitivity. Helps to reduce dental cavities and improve teeth health. The toothpaste also contains Lactoferrin which is multi-functional with Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory & Antifungal properties. Free from SLS, Fluoride and Paraben, the toothpaste is ideal for long time usage.

Say thanks to coffee, you now have the potential to be the most magnetic person in the room.