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TEEN’S TEETH : Oral hygiene for teens

TEEN’S TEETH : Oral hygiene for teens

Starting college, making new friends, dating and more. Teen Life – the time when hormones are racing the most. One minute they seem to be interested in sports and completely shift gear the next minute. This is the phase of life when parenting needs more focus as teenagers are exposed to a world full of opportunities and pitfalls.

Teens face many problems with their dental care. They are more habituated to eating sugary foods like candy and soda. Sugary substances create acid which attacks the enamel resulting in cavities and even loss of tooth. Too much snacking also causes tooth decay. Braces, wisdom tooth and bad breath are a few more things to worry about. Best way to enjoy their nice smile is to encourage them to start and sustain good oral hygiene regimen early in childhood. Brushing, Flossing and Rinsing need to be practised regularly so that the teeth remains healthy and beautiful.

Brushing the teeth for 2 minutes is required with focus on each quadrant for about 30 seconds. Brushing needs to be done twice a day. Flossing regularly helps to prevent the buildup of plaque. Plaque is a thin and sticky film that develops around the teeth and which causes the breeding place for bacteria.

Rinsing twice a day is a great way to keep the mouth clean and fresh. Brushing reaches only 25 to 50% of the mouth. But a mouthwash deep cleanses the mouth reaching to places where toothbrush cannot. The power of DENTE 91 mouthwash kills oral bacteria within 30 seconds. One can feel the difference by using is regularly.

Reduced cavities, protection against plague, stronger teeth – whatever is the goal, DENTE 91 leads the way.

Teen oral care

One of the reasons teens slack in oral care is that most products are not designed to their tastes. Choose ‘youth geared products’ specially designed for teens to suit their tastes and style. It will become easier to coax them into adopting a healthy oral hygiene routine. Teenagers tend to exist on a steady diet of soda, chips and candies, the kind of food that will wreak havoc on the teeth. Encourage them to opt for healthier options like bottled water, fresh veggies and whole grain crackers for snacking. This might make them less likely to nosh on sugary treats.

Good oral health

Certain factors indicate that one has good oral health.

  • The gums are pink and does not get sore when brushing or flossing.
  • Teeth feels clean and not fuzzy.
  • There is no bad breath.

One key factor to having good oral hygiene is understanding the oral needs. Making the oral hygiene routine simple, quick and personalized will encourage teens to brush regularly.

This article is intended to promote awareness on oral hygiene and is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment.